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Himalayan Commodity brokers Pvt. Ltd.
Devi Marg, Sano Gaucharan, House No. 281
Tel : +977 -1-4438908/ 4439337/ 4436657
Fax : +977 -1-4438908/4436657 Ext:27

Our Departments

A. Member Service Department

Client Service
Name: Ms. Bidhata Puri

Bidhata Puri

Contact No: +977 -1-4438908/ 4439337/ 4436657
Mobile: +977-9851129492
Duties: Queries, Grievances, inquiries,   complaints.
Inform and processing margin calls/   funds/ new accounts.
General notifications.

B. Compliance Department
Name: Ms. Sapana Chaudhary

Sapana Chaudhary

Contact No: +977 -1-4438908/ 4439337/ 4436657
Duties: Check and Maintain Client Documents.
Fund Transfer and commission/client   email/bank account etc change request.

C. Account Department
Name: Mr. Bhuwan Raj Panta

Bhuwan Raj Panta

Contact No: +977 -1-4438908/ 4439337/ 4436657
Duties: Commission Distribution, VAT   statement, TDS Statement, Bank   Reconciliations and Annual Tax   Accounting.
Prepare all the document as per income   tax rule.

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